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This is the Brian Jones Radio City Tribute Website. There's lots of new memorabilia, some never seen nor heard in a very long time, for example the horoscopes bed including the Linda Lewis jingle, as well as all of the previous material. This is a completely revised website, with better navigation and a much improved server.

If you have any memorabilia and would like it to be included please contact me HERE. So please enjoy.

This is a tribute website dedicated to Radio City in Liverpool. It contains audio and images which have been collected between the years 1974 through to the mid eighties.

My holy grail jingle has been realised, many thanks to Tim Brady who has supplied me with a copy of the Barbara Dickson City jingle based on her single Answer me, Tim has also given me a Scully promo. Tim has worked for Rock FM, Magic 999, Magic 1548 and is now the Senior Tutor at The National Broadcasting School. Right onto my next holy grail jingle, does anyone have the Sherbet-Howzat City jingle, I've never heard it but I do believe of its existence.

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