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Alright, just when you think there aren't anymore jingles to upload, you find even more

Promotional Jingles

  1. Peter Beckett>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  2. Imagination
  3. The Tempest
  4. Cool Notes
  5. The Pet Shop Boys
  6. Listen To Your Radio-City On 194
  7. DC Allstars-Bustin' Loose
  8. Radio City-96.7 in Stereo



  1. Give Me a C-I-T-Y
  2. Standard Sound Main Theme-Variation 1984/5
  3. Jon Jessop Soul City Rap
  4. Paul Leckie Rap
  5. The Peoples Poll With Johnny Kennedy
  6. "In-House" Standard Sound Mix-Outs
  7. 10th Anniversary News Item
  8. JK's Bride of The Week
  9. Sounds Of The 80's Now
  10. Give A Child A Chance Jingles


  1. Unigate Milkman
  2. Coldrex
  3. Parkgate Hotel-Jazz Nights
  4. Issy Crown
  5. Daily Express-Howard Hughes 1
  6. TSB Song (A Real Advertising Jingle)
  7. The Deerstalker Club-Peter Price v-o
  8. The 1987 Television And Radio Yearbook
  9. Maincrest Car And Vanhire-Sting
  10. This Is It-Lewis's
  11. D.O.H Health radio Campaign-AIDS.


  1. Give Blood Campaign
  2. My Home Town-Gerry Marsden
  3. Sweatshirt Promo
  4. Radio City Brings You All This

General And Quirky

  1. Oh Heck The Newsreaders Mic Isn't Working
  2. Some of you probably wonder how I get my jingles, well this is one technique-phone the DJ
  3. George The Computer Serenades Billy Butler
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